Big Fat Green Snake Arm Puppet

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Item #: HC 112510

UPC: 895104002261

Type: Adult or children

This serpent puppet is almost 9 feet long and has a brilliant metallic green color. Its big, hooded eyes and soft dangling tongue make it look realistic. The entire body is flexible, so you can move its head and mouth.

It’s a great prop for a variety of costumes, including Adam and Eve, safari guides, jungle explorers, Australian wildlife personalities, Jungle Janes, snake charmers, snake handlers, witch doctors, zoo keepers, and anything related to swamps or rats.


  • One long, green, stuffable snake with a moveable mouth and armholes

Not included:

  • Bubble wrap for stuffing

Snake tips:

  1. To give the snake a smooth appearance, stuff it with polyfill or bubble wrap.
  2. For an added effect, inflate a balloon inside the snake’s body.
  3. Wrap the snake around yourself. Remember to keep its head level, so your audience can see its eyes.
  4. Practicing in front of a mirror is also a good idea.
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