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Abominable Snowman & Cage Costume Kit

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Item #: HC 112911

UPC: 895104002315

Type: Adult Male/Female

Meet the gorilla cage’s cousin – the abominable snowman! This costume features a full-sized, grinning gorilla carrying a cage with one adult apparently trapped inside. It’s guaranteed to turn heads and create laughter at any party or festival.

The costume is sold as a kit that requires assembly. It is designed to fit most people, but it is not recommended for those over 250 lbs or over 6′ 5″. The interior of the cage measures approximately 22″ x 20″ x 33″. It ships in a box like the one pictured.


  • Abominable snowman white “fur” suit — body, head, feet, socks & hands
  • Complete PVC cage, including soft assembly pegs
  • Harness, knee inserts, filler bag
  • Simple, graphical instructions

Not included:

  • Bubblewrap or other lightweight filler
  • Clothes and shoes

Top 10 Tips For Abominable Snowman Costume

  1. Lay out a sheet when unpacking the snowman suit to keep the fur clean.
  2. Stuff the snowman’s arms and upper body well – abominable snowmen are big and strong!
  3. Position the snowman’s head low on its neck sticks and push down to make it look natural.
  4. Wear bright and colorful holiday clothes inside the cage.
  5. Use boots inside the cage instead of shoes.
  6. Wear light, comfortable attire underneath the costume.
  7. When inside the cage, move around and interact with the audience – shake the bars, hug your knees, reach outside the cage, etc.
  8. Wear a festive holiday hat – either you or the snowman.
  9. Pay attention to the captive’s legs – make sure they’re not too short. For an extra nice touch, use a styrofoam swimming noodle to create legs with rounded knees.
  10. Practice your performance in front of a mirror and check your reflection in a store window when outside.
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