About Us

HouseHaunters wants you to “Create a Scene” and it’s the basis for everything we do in costumes and seasonal home decor.

HouseHaunters merges props and costumes that deliver a lot visual punch.     Our line of “Carry Me” costumes for men & women create commotion wherever they go.  In our costumes the wearer brings a bit of stage and story with them.     A gorilla captive wears a cage.    A farmer’s goose wiggles in his arms.   The Magician’s Assistant is…out of luck.  All our costumes are cartoonish and mischievous — and they all create some optical surprise that makes them jump out at the viewer.

On Halloween, people want to change who they are and a great costume should do just that.   In a HouseHaunters costume you can’t help but become a performer.   Our costumes are not for cowards.  Wearers of our gorilla cage costume say that it brings out their inner Robin Williams — outrageous, spontaneous & absurd.

We hail from Maplewood, New Jersey.  Call us: 917-687-7437